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Matillion reading in events


I was wondering if Matillion is able to read in from Eventstore. We need a software tool that will load contineous events coming into Eventstore. Matillion is absolutely perfect as it writes into BigQuery which is what we want but how good is it at handling contneous real-time flow of data?
Is there already an API for Eventstore?

Kind regards,


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Regina

EventStore has a rest api as documented here:

You can connect to this using Matillion and schedule to check this every, say, 5 mins.

Or another option is that you can write some python to query the rest API and then use this to write the output to pubsub. You can then stream the pub/sub data into BigQuery. If you go for this option, I can share some scripts which could help.


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