Extract data to csv file

How to extract data from a BigQuery table to a csv file ? which component I should use. Thank you

Delete all jobs of a version by using v1 API

Hello, I need to delete all jobs of the default version of a project by using the v1 API. I could not find any appropiate endpoint to do so by...

Create Version with API

As I check out a new branch in git, I would like to also create a new version in Matillion, as can be done by a) Pressing the green "Project"...


Hi, I would like to use Matillion for syncing one-way one table from BigQuery to MS SQL SERVER. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.-

Unload Advanced Options

The GUI doesn't show any options around exporting data in the unload to cloud storage option. For example, if I choose CSV, there is nothing around choosing a delimiter, text...

Best Practice: Backing up Matillion

I am wondering if there is a good way to back up Matillion data (projects and their underlying jobs) outside of instance level snapshots? Is there a datastore of some...

How to export a set of jobs from my Matillion setup?

Can I export jobs from my current Matillion setup such that they can be later imported into another project? Thanks.