Orchestration Components


Hello, In S3 bucket option, I can see metadata column with three different variables ( metadata$filename, Matadata$file_row_number, current_filestamp) but I am not sure how to retrieve that information into an...

Access parameter manage password

Hi All, i'm already created a variable inside matillion manage password, how do we access it's value? i'm tried ${variable_name} , create local variable, create global variable, nothing works Thanks...

Dynamic metadata mapping

Will there be any component supporting the addition of new columns from source to destination dynamically.Last we heard was this will be in future release, any updates on this.

Create/Replace Table Component

Hi, how can I set columns nullable or not not nullable using Create Table component? Or what is the best way to set columns nullable or not nullable using Matillion?...

File Name and Date Stamp Matillion ETL for Bigquery

Hi I am trying to loop through the CSV files available in the Google Cloud Bucket and was wondering if I can capture the file name and the date stamp...

Job Status email notification

Is there away to send a notification via email if a scheduled job fails?

String editing functions?

I have some strings that I need to alter with some basic substitutions and etc. is there a component that can perform this?