Create Project (BigQuery)

This article assumes you have already successfully launched Matillion ETL from the GCP marketplace.


A project is a logical grouping of configuration settings and resources (such as jobs) that is required in order to use Matillion ETL. You will be required to create a project when none are present (such as your first login to the instance) and will usually cause the Create Project screen to appear automatically. Alternately, new projects can also be created via:

Project→Switch Project→Create Project.

There are no practical limits to the number of Projects you can create. However, only one Project is used by the client session at a single time and each must have a unique name.


Creating a Project

You are required to give your new Project some details to define it. Details on the available options are given below:

  • Project Group: An existing or new Group (of arbitrary name) used for logically grouping Projects.
  • Project Name: An arbitrary name for your new Project
  • Project Description: A searchable description of your project.
  • Include Samples: Deselect if you do not want to include sample jobs in the project.

  • Environment Name: An arbitrary description of this new environment to be decided by the user.
  • GCP Credentials: Choose a set of credentials to use with this Project.
  • Default Project: The name of the Project on your GCP account to use by default.
  • Default Dataset: The name of the Dataset on your GCP account to use by default. These can be found via the GCP Console at BigQuery → Resources.

Click Test to ensure connection is successful.

Finally, click OK to create your new Project and Environment.

Next Steps

If this is your first login to Matillion ETL, we STRONGLY advise that your first action on the client is to replace this default username and password with your own secure details. This can be done through User Configuration in the Admin Menu.